Housing Stabilization

Housing Stabilization

Housing Stabilization Services is a new Minnesota Medical Assistance benefit to help people with disabilities, including mental illness and substance use disorder, and seniors find and keep housing. It includes:

  • Housing Consultation: developing a plan for obtaining and maintaining housing.
  • Housing Transition: moving to a new home.
  • Housing Sustaining: Services that support a person to maintain living in their home in the community.

How does it help?

Housing Stablization services can help with:

  • Researching affordable housing options.
  • Identfying sources of financial support for moving, maintining housing.
  • Developing and maintaining a budget to remain stably housed.
  • Communicating with landlords and understanding leases.
  • Arranging for assistive technology,environment modifications.
  • Obtaining reasonable accomodations.
  • A variety of other supports to remove barriers to obtaining and maintaining housing.

Where is it offered?

We currenlty provide Housing Stablization Services and the surrounding area.