Behavioral Health Home Services

Behavioral Health Home Services

KFL Behavioral Health Home (BHH) services provide an opportunity to build a person-centered system of care that achieves improved outcomes for individuals and reduced costs to the health care system. BHH aims to serve the whole person across primary care, mental health, substance use disorder treatment, long-term services and supports, and social service components of our health care delivery system.

Core services include:

  • Comprehensive care management
  • Care coordination
  • Health and wellness promotion
  • Comprehensive transitional care
  • Individual and family support
  • Referral to community and social services

If you are receiving the following services, you may not also receive BHH services:

  • Mental health targeted case management (MH-TCM)
  • Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) or Youth Assertive Community Treatment (YouthACT)
  • Relocation service coordination targeted case management(RSC-TCM)
  • Vulnerable adult/developmental disability targeted case management(VA/DD-TCM)
  • Health care homes care coordination

How does it help?

The goal of Behavioral Health Home Services is to improve health outcomes by thoughtful coordination care between physical and mental health care, and other service providers for individuals who are not receiving Case Management services.

These goals include:

  • Improving health outcomes (preventative, routine, treatment of health conditions) of individuals.
  • Improving experience of care for the individual.
  • Improving the quality of life and wellness of the individual.
  • Reducing health care costs.

Where is it offered?

KFL currently provides Behavioral Health Home Services to residents of these Minnesota counties:

  • Anoka
  • Cook
  • Dakota
  • Hennepin
  • Lake
  • Ramsey
  • St. Louis*
    *A note on St. Louis County services: we currently only have capacity to serve individuals in Southern St. Louis County.